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Are Napoleon candies gluten-free?
The glucose syrup we use is made from wheat. However, this syrup is exempt from the requirement to state wheat and gluten on the packaging according to the regulations (EC 2005/26/EC). The amount of gluten is so small that it could not cause a severe allergic reaction.

Can I buy sugar-free Napoleon sweets?
No, sugar-free Napoleons are not currently available.

Why are all Napoleon sweets individually wrapped?
Unwrapped sweets can very easily stick together. Individually wrapping each sweet is also considerably more hygienic.

What flavours of Napoleon candys are available?
Napoleon sweets come in as many as ten delicious flavours: Lempur, Fruit mix, Tropical, Wineballs, Sinaspur, Pompur, Cola, Energy,  Black and White (salmiak) and Liquorice.
Napoleon lollipops (Fruit mix Lollipops) are also available in Belgium and Luxembourg

How long has Napoleon been around?
The Napoleon brand was established in 1912. An Antwerp baker produced the first ‘golden bonbon’ in this year … Read more

In which countries can you buy Napoleon?
Our sweets are mainly sold in the Benelux. We also export Napoleon to various other countries in Europe and the United States.

Where can I buy Napoleon?
Napoleon candies can be purchased from many outlets, such as supermarkets, petrol stations and chemists, but also from sweet machines and from sports canteens.

Can I take a tour around the Napoleon factory?
Unfortunately we can’t offer tours. Do you know why? Because our sweets are made to a unique recipe that we would prefer to keep secret. What’s more, sweets are a food; therefore very strict hygiene regulations apply at the factory.

I want to give a talk about confectionary. Where can I find more information?
On this website you can find a large amount of background information about the Napoleon brand and about our products.

Aren’t you encouraging children to eat more sweets, increasing the risk of obesity?
Sweets contain sugar and therefore also calories. We recommend a varied and balanced diet. This applies to all our

Who can I contact if I have questions and comments?
You can send us an e-mail at any time to: info@pervasco.com. Or send us a letter:
Napoleon Consumentenservice
P.O Box 22246
3003 DE Rotterdam
The Netherlands