Naturally, genuine sweet lovers can’t live without Napoleon. In order to raise awareness of our sweets amongst a wide audience, they are regularly promoted. And whether you find our Napoleon candys on display or you come across our promotional teams with new products, we attract attention.

TV commercials
Commercials have regularly been broadcast on television over the past few years:
- Napoleon Black and White and Liquorice
- Napoleon Tropical Sweet
- Napoleon Energy
- Napoleon Lempur

You can mainly find our advertisements in the magazines published by the supermarkets. Click here to see the advertisement for Napoleon Cola and Napoleon Liquorice.

In store

You may come across Napoleon this week featuring in an attractive promotion in your store.

On the road
To make sure that all these delicious Napoleon sweets get to supermarkets and other distribution points, Napoleon has its own recognisable lorries. Have you seen them on the roads?